Gaming In Southeast Asia

Just like Steam, the Epic Games Store is a big PC game publishing platform in China. Developers receive approximately 65-70% of Steam revenue, this also depends on which game engine developers use. Whereas developers receive 88% of the revenue on Epic for both Unity and Unreal games. Yes, gaming is now becoming a sport in that there are now talented gamers streaming themselves while playing or competing professionally, all for spectators. I see this as analogous to the global adoption of esports in that esports currently has an audience of 385 million, yet only generates ~$1 billion in revenue.

Therefore, this is why I believe esports is possibly one of the best investment opportunities of the coming decade. From an investment perspective, though esports revolves around competitive gaming, it is ultimately a digital media and entertainment investment opportunity. สล็อตออนไลน์ sa The challenge and opportunity ahead involves monetizing this user and viewer base, which is still in its incipient stages. The chart below displays video gaming’s surprising rise over Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram when it comes to daily minutes spent.

The teams that compete at these tournaments have millions of followers on Twitter, millions watching online, and tens of thousands of spectators following them to in-person tournaments. A Growing Global AudienceWith users engaging for 51 minutes daily, video gaming is now more engaging than any social media outlet. The ability to offer unique and fun software and maintain a wide selection of titles will probably be crucial for video game publishers to entice more players to be able to their cloud gambling platform. In accordance with mobile phone research company Fühler Tower, Stadia’s mobile phone app surpassed just one million installs around the world after the business gave gamers a new two-month free demo from the premium “pro” edition in Apr.

But considering that esports accounts for less than 1% of the gaming market, this would not represent an existential threat to the wider industry. Gaming revenues are almost entirely driven by consumer spending, but the business model has evolved significantly in recent years. Consumers today buy fewer games than previous decades, but spend more time with those games, shifting the business model from single-unit to recurring revenue generated from a base of active users. The COVID-19 lockdowns have boosted user engagement with video games and esports. If you like challenges, don’t mind tons of paper work and decide to publish your game independently, then you should know there is one AppStore and over 400 Android platforms available in China.

Professional players join teams (in multi-player games) or play solo to compete for cash prizes. Each team specializes and competes in one specific game, such as League of Legends, Dota, or Counter-Strike.

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Much of this capital has been an investment in marketing by game creators in order to extend the shelf life and relevancy of their games. According to Newzoo, game publisher fees will experience the slowest growth in the upcoming years.

Just like publishing a PC game, you need to register a company in China and get an ISBN number. According to our research, educational and casual games are easier to get ISBN. Location-based games may not work in China because Google Maps are not supported in mainland.

There are several high-quality Chinese indie game publishers and game companies, such as HeyBox, Zodiac etc. In this guide, we will take Indienova as an example, which is an important ARPG publisher in China that has lots of experience with foreign games. They focus on the strategy/storytelling games that people tend to play for a long time rather than on the hyper casual games that people regularly only play for several weeks.